Hello, I ‘m Abdullah Al Hatim, A simple programmer who’s trying to learn more about programming. with all the concepts, algorithms and languages lying around on the web it’s actually quite a bit of an adventure, but a nice one if i might add.  this is why I ‘m going for it.

I live in Iraq-Baghdad and I’m very optimistic about taking programming as a profession but … as you see, it’s not that easy to make a descent living from making software, At least that’s true where i live, this is why it’s still a hobby for me, and a very serious hobby (I program for 4-5 hours a day).

I’m 17 years old near to reaching 18. And right now I’m going through all the mess of university admissions and that stuff.

That’s me, At least for now :), I’ll change the about box whenever something new happens


If you want to contact me, That’s what the form down there is for.


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